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 Welcome to Eagle Appraisals!

Eagle Appraisals, Inc. has hundreds of attorney clients and is considered as one of the best residential litigation appraisal companies in the Denver Metro Area.  Chief Appraiser, Matthew George, SRA has over 40 years of appraisal experience and is in the top 5% in the Denver Metro area in appraisal volume (over 15,000  appraisals totaling over $1 billion dollars worth of real estate). Because Matt specializes in divorce appraisals, he has an outstanding courtroom record.  Matt was awarded the SRA designation - which is the highest residential designation in the country and is a former President of the Colorado Chapter of the Appraisal Institute.  Matt has served on numerous boards, committees, county appointments, and has taught several State-approved appraisal classes. Matt is one of the most experienced and educated residential appraisers in the nation.  

Eagle Appraisals has a full time office manager.  Janet George, co-owner of Eagle Appraisals, facilitates all office / administrative issues.  Most residential appraisal companies are one-person operations and cannot adequately attend to time-sensitive demands.  At Eagle Appraisals, we understand that you need to have excellent communication and understanding of specific client needs.

We network with a team of appraisers that Matt trained.  Our team of appraisers have years of experience and are the best in the business. 

  • We are a leading provider of valuation solutions for:
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Current and Retrospective Appraisals
  • Litigation Issues
  • Estate 
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • All types of Residential Lending Appraisals
  • We have state-of-the-are technology and research tools that set us apart from other appraisers.  

  • Eagle is one of the most respected companies in the business because of:

  • Highest Quality Appraisal Reports
  • Excellent Communication
  • Fair Pricing / Joint clients (in divorce cases) at no additional charge

    If you have any questions: email